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The rules are simple - whoever runs the most loops wins


Participants run a designated 4.167 mile loop, every hour, on the hour, until only one runner is left. 


Runners must be in the starting corral on the hour or declared forfeit.


A maximum of two support crew per participant will be allowed; the support village will be found next to the corral.


Once a loop has started, runners are not allowed to deviate from the course (except to use the bathroom) or permitted outside aid until they have finished the loop or withdrawn. Food or drink can be consumed during a loop but it must be carried from the start corral or provided by another runner. As this is a zero impact event, runners must also carry any litter / empty bottles with them to the finish line for proper disposal.


The person who runs one more full 'yard'  (loop) than the next participant is declared the winner. 


All other runners are declared DNF, but many will have achieved their own milestones or completed a specific milestone (see below) 


Start Line

The starting corral will be on the field outside Sunjammers, next to Clearwater Beach, Cooper's Island

Bathrooms will be available at the start / finish area.

Support crew

Participants may bring their own support crew to provide aid between loops (note that support crew are not allowed on the course and may not provide aid once a loop has started). Support crews are limited to a maximum of 2 people per competitor. 

This is a no-frills event. Chairs, shelter and food for competitors will not be provided by the organisers. However, We have partnered with Sunjammers who will provide a limited range of food and refreshment options for purchase at preferential pricing for our event from 08:30 until 16:30 on 2nd December. We will be providing runners with drink tickets for use on that day. After Sunjammers closes, we will have some refreshments available for those runners who finish after closing time.


There will be medical support courtesy of St John's Ambulance at the start / finish corral, but this is limited to emergency support only. Please come prepared to provide your own support for minor injuries like blisters.


Water will be available at the start corral. Participants should bring anything else they wish to drink with them to leave in the support area.


Each runner making the start line on 2nd December will receive a small goody bag. Please note that this will not include event t-shirts. 


Day Loop - Click map for interactive view


Challenging yet ever changing, the Day Loop follows trails and beaches. The trail is not technical, but is sandy, rocky and has some tree roots. Perfect for helping you to pay attention to where you put your feet!


Remember to take in the views of the beaches and the Atlantic Ocean, and if you are lucky enough to make it to dawn, then the first loop of the 2nd day should reward you with a spectacular sunrise.

It is a privilege for our event to have permission to transit Coopers Island Reserve so please strictly observe the protocol of carrying everything you take in out with you again. There are a couple of trash cans in the park. If you inadvertently drop anything or see others drop anything, please collect and dispose of it appropriately.

Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 18.51.39.png
Night Loop - Click map for interactive view





Even pathways and open, quiet roads makes the Night Loop manageable. A gentle hill mid-way provides a modicum of interest to keep the mind and body engaged. There is a steeper but short hill near to the Airport Control Tower where you will reach the highest point of our course with views (all be it at night) of Castle Harbour and St. George’s Harbour.


Event Recap


A century of brave runners took to a new starting corral for the second edition of the Bermuda Backyard Ultra. Flags fluttered in much gentler breezes than had greeted runners in the inaugural event, enabling many more tents to be erected and a friendly, occasionally raucous atmosphere to be established at the start / finish line. 

The other addition to the 2023 race was the incorporation of am additional Cooper's Island beach. The extra sand and the high tide made the first mile of the day loop an even greater challenge but enhanced the already picturesque views. 

As the miles began to tick past, rising temperatures started to take a toll, with loops 4-6 proving especially challenging. None of that seemed to phase either defending champion Fabrizio Alvera or his main challenger, Jason Williams. Both men continued their very different strategies, Fabri regularly coming home around 35 minutes and Jason lapping at a more leisurely, very controlled 52 minutes. 

81 runners made it past half marathon distance, many going further than they had ever run before. When the final day loop ended, 50km ticking past, eight hours in, 23 competitors remained. By that point, the destiny of the team title was close to settled. Lancashire Team 1 still had three runners on course, including Captain Louise Wells, who went on to complete 15 loops. Team Athene, led by Phil Woolins (p.b. 15 loops) had emerged as Lancashire's main challenger, although their looming Christmas party threatened to act as a spoiler. 

By this point, the new personal best bell had become a regular feature, with numerous runners exceeding the 2022 performance and running into unknown territory. The first night loop accounted for four runners, the second and third taking out one each. That left eight runners to reach the 50 mile mark. After Toby Durham and Michael Evans succumbed to the lure of pizza and beer at that point, it began three hours without a casualty. Wells, by this point, the last woman standing, Jonathan Chapman and James Roberts reached 15 loops, 100km. Debutant Richard Howells went one further. His withdrawal left Alvera and Williams duelling in the dark once again. This time though it was Jason who outlasted his rival, completing a solo 20th loop after Fabri turned assist provider for the man who went with him to the 24 hour mark in 2022. 

Awards and Prizes

Bermuda Backyard will award 'last person standing' prizes for men and women in each age group: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 +

Those reaching milestones will also be recognised on the website
4 'yards' - Beyond a half marathon
8 'yards' - 50km
12 'yards' - 50 miles
15 'yards' - 100km
24 'yards' - 100 miles
National Record Holder (completed by a Bermuda resident who designates their country status for Backyards as BDA)

Click here to see records and milestones
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