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Event Records and Milestones


Congratulations to everyone who has taken part in the Bermuda Backyard Ultra, whether you're a winner or DNF!

Our event and national record is 25 loops, set by Fabrizio Alvera in 2022

Equivalent to 5 x the length of Bermuda!



2022 Champion - Fabrizio Alvera

(25 "yards" / 104 miles)

Assist - Jason Williams (24 "yards" / 100 miles)

Age Group Winners 2022:
18-29: Jonny Chapman (10 "yards")

30-39: Jason Williams (24)

40-49: Rose-Anna Hoey (17)

50-59: Fabrizio Alvera (25)

60+: Tommy Sinclair (6)


24 "yards" - 100 miles

Fabrizio Alvera

Jason Williams

15 "yards" - 100 km

Rose-Anna Hoey

Phillip Woolins

Florin Teleman

12 "yards" - 50 miles

James Roberts

8 "yards" - 50km


4 "yards" - beyond a half marathon


David Soutter

Edward Willis

Jonathan Chapman

Ben Adolph

Thomas Beckert

Mark Harris

Sam Watters

Mairi Redmond

Alex Brogden

Louise Wells

Zoey Roberts

Paula Barrow

Reid Robinson

Tommy Sinclair

Greg Tyers

Cesar Aparil

Anton Doloricon

Alejandra Castano

Jamie Armour

Lydia Sgouros

Joshua Alvera

Patrick Brown

Alex McManus

Steven Ortiz

Adrian Cunningham

Nicky Hallett

Christopher Mills

Timothy Fox

Lisa Ferrari

Lesley-Jane Smith

Will Green

Katie Vanderwal

Marlon Almonto

Carolyn Conway

Neil Burt

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