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New Ultra Running Event Launches in Bermuda

Hamilton, Bermuda, Oct 12, 2022 - The Bermuda Backyard Ultra will be held at Clearwater Beach, Southside, St. Davids starting at 9am on Saturday 3rd December and will be the first event of its type to be held in Bermuda.

Backyard Runs are a relatively new race format whereby runners are to complete a 4.167 mile (6,706 meters) loop (or “Yard”) each hour, starting on the hour. Most participants aim to set their own personal best number of Yards or distance, while seasoned ultra-runners will vie to be the last person standing. All runners start together each hour on the hour and continue until they fail to complete a Yard in the allotted hour or voluntarily withdraw. The longest distance recorded in a backyard ultra event is 90 laps (375 miles) by Belgian Merrjn Geerts.

The Backyard format is growing rapidly around the world, with Bermuda now joining the ranks of host countries and providing a route for Bermuda runners to qualify for Big’s Backyard individual and team world championships. While the organisers have aspirations of growing this event to attract overseas participants in future, the first year is focused on providing as many Bermuda residents as possible the opportunity to set their Backyard personal best and to have fun in a welcoming, friendly event where everyone lines up at the start together every hour. Showcasing some of the best of Bermuda scenery and featuring varied terrain, the event will be an enjoyable challenge for runners of every level.

Race Director Andy McComb stated “Gary "Lazarus Lake" Cantrell invented the Backyard Ultra race format. He is a very interesting character and also the Founder and Race Director of the Barkley Marathon. The original backyard ultra is the Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra which is named after his dog and has grown so much in popularity that is now an invitational race where the top competitors participate based on wins in various American and international backyard ultras. The Bermuda Backyard Ultra is recognized as an official backyard ultra-qualifier event and is listed on

Mr. McComb continued, “Bermuda Backyard Ultra will have a fundraising component and funds raised will be donated to the charity Raleigh Bermuda to supports its youth programs ( We welcome runners of all abilities to come out and support the inaugural Bermuda Backyard Ultra. Some folks will do 1 or 2 laps, while others might strive continue on for 24 hours or more. The event will carry on until there is a last person standing.” The registration fee is $50. Registration is now open on Run Sign Up: Donations for Raleigh Bermuda can also be made through the Run Sign Up site. For additional information please visit or contact:

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