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World Team Championships 2024

The Backyard World Team Championships are held every other year with the Backyard World Individual Championships taking place in the intervening years.


Each country can enter a team of 15 members who are all scoring members.  While it will be difficult for us to compete against the likes of the U.S.A., Belgium, and other larger countries that have professional ultra runners in their teams, there is a sub-category for "small" countries in which we can be competitive. 


We have entered a Bermuda team in the next World Team Championships which starts on 19th October, 2024.  Each country's team runs on its home course, all countries starting at exactly the same time (i.e. it might be a 2 am start in Australia).  The qualifying period for performances to be considered for team selection runs from 16th August 2022 through 15th August 2024.


For the Bermuda national team we have adopted the following selection criteria:

  • Silver medal winners (our national Champions) during the qualifying period), plus...

  • remaining places to be awarded to those with the best Backyard results during the qualifying period (at any Backyard recognised by the Backyard Ultra Organisation including Bermuda events).  Please let us know your result from any other Backyards you compete in.

(Current) Qualifying Standings

25 F. Alvera  - Silver medal 2022 

24 J. Williams - Silver medal 2023

17 R. Hoey

16 R. Howells

15 F. Teleman

15 P. Woollins

15 L. Wells

15 J. Roberts

15 J. Chapman

12 T. Derham

12 M. Evans

11 E. Willis

11 D. Soutter

10 M. Olcheski-Bell

10 B. Adolph

10 T. Beckert

9   M. Harris

9   J Chandranathan

9   S Watters

8   P Barrow

8   M Carr

8   L Graham

8   G Yeung

8   T Gray

8   B Train

8   V Lochhead

8   S Ryan

8   A Brogden

8   M Redmond

8   Z Roberts

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