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Not all back yards are equal...


09:00 October 19, 2024: World Team Championship
09:00 Feb 22, 2025: Open event
4.167 miles, every hour, on the hour

Backyard is a form of race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6706 meters (4.167 miles) - a "yard" -in less than one hour. When each lap / yard is completed, the remaining time within the hour is typically used to recover for the next hour’s race. 

Entrants are not compelled to run a marathon or ultramarathon. Bermuda Backyard welcomes those who want to run 1 or more "yards". Our first event had over 60 entrants, with some aiming to run 1 or 2 loops and others aiming for 24 hours or more. 


Backyard is not a test of speed or strength.

it is a simple test of the pure will to win.

4.166667 miles in under an hour.

it is not that hard.

Keep stepping up to the line until you are the only one.

that is hard.

unimaginably hard.

because there are others

who have come with the same dream.

Lazarus Lake,

Founder, Backyard Ultra


Why Run Bermuda's Backyard?

A beautiful backyard

A mixed route showcases a variety of terrain and some of Bermuda's most stunning views. Starting and finishing at Clearwater Beach and taking in Cooper's Island Nature Reserve, run road, sand and trail. 

Separate day and night loops add variety and ensure participant safety.

Set your own goal
Qualify for World Championship

Whether you want to complete one lap, run further than you ever have before, or win the event, Bermuda Backyard Ultra lets you set and reach your own target in a welcoming race atmosphere. Unlike many races, speed doesn't matter. 

Runners of all ages and genders haveachieved personal milestones from 1 to 25 loops.

Following the success of our inaugural event in 2022 Run Bermuda's Backyard has been recognised by and designated a Silver Ticket Event by Backyard Organisation who created the Backyard concept and run Big's Backyard (the individual world championship) and the World Team Championships.


The winner of Run Bermuda's Backyard 2022 and 2023 editions and our will automatically qualify for the Bermuda team for the next Team World Championships to be held in October 2024. We will need 15 team members to compete.  See the dedicated Bermuda National Team tab for more details and an update on qualification.


For the World Team Championship, national teams of 15 runners compete simultaneously on their home courses.  The teams seeks to maximize the aggregate number of team Yards.  The last person standing in Bermuda in that event is the Bermuda national champion and eligible for the next Big's Backyard if their performance ranks in the top 50 of the national winners' performances.



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